Based on the analysis of global trends in men's and women's fashion, every year we launch a new collections of clothing fasteners for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons, in accordance with the schedule of major events in the industry. The presentations feature ideas based on classics and innovative concepts that inspire tailoring businesses. We present our own ideas, while engaging with full commitment in a creative dialogue with our customers, in order to deliver the most unique designs. We take a responsible approach to sustainability in the fashion industry, creating raw materials and choosing environmentally friendly production methods. We respond to market demands, offering a wide range of products: from sophisticated classics to designer novelties.


SS23 Menswear Collection

Our collection of fasteners for menswear is based on classic forms made of precious materials such as real horn or Corozo. The accessories are suitable both for casual and sportswear. Each item represents excellent workmanship and a well thought-out design in line with the season's trends. In addition to the traditional collection cards, our customers can also browse the so-called Style Books, which present fasteners dedicated to a specific assortment of products.


SS23 Womenswear Collection

Our collections for womenswear are designed in response to the current trends of the season. A keen observation of the changes in the world of fashion allows us to present our customers with a product that will be the perfect finishing to any outfit, including blouses, shirts, dresses and coats. We use a wide range of raw materials in the production of fasteners for womenswear, and their refinement processes allow us virtually unlimited possibilities.