About the company

We are a manufacturer of buttons and clothing fasteners for the fashion industry. The company was established in Berlin in 1911 as a trading house with its own button manufacturing plant. In 1959, the company moved its headquarters to Bielefeld. In 1996, a branch of Union Knopf was opened in Poland with its seat in Turek, at 8 Kączkowskiego Street. In the course of further changes at Union Knopf, the company was taken over in the MBO process and all activities are managed directly from the Polish factory.

Thanks to the commitment of our qualified staff and the comprehensive "from idea to implementation" approach, we are able to complete even the most demanding projects. The top priority for the company is the quality of the manufactured products, which is reflected in international certificates issued to Union Knopf. Using only the best materials has helped us to ensure the highest quality standards for our customers for 25 years. We use machines that offer a wide range of functionalities in the production of clothing fasteners, from shaping raw materials to polishing, colouring, lacquering of products, as well as custom laser engraving. The entire machinery park is operated by employees with extensive knowledge and experience. For several years, we have been manufacturing polyester in-house at our headquarters in Turek, which has made the production process more efficient and flexible.

Our extensive supply chain enables us to distribute our products on a global scale. We have also implemented a sustainability programme, as part of which we create upcycled materials for the collections. We focus on continuous development by analysing current trends in fashion. We expand our knowledge, improve our competences and follow the latest technologies in order to offer our customers premium category products only.

The Production


By machining the raw pucks can be given a variety of button forms.

Laser marking

With modern precision machinery at our disposal we are able to give clothing fasteners an individual style tailored to the client's needs, e.g. logo, inscription or decorative drawing. The selected design can be made in the following effects: concave / convex logo, contrasting logo or tone in tone, on the front, back, or edge of the product.


The scope of refinement includes, among others, giving polishes from glossy to matt, dyeing, varnishing, pouring, fire tanning. These processes give great opportunities to play with the color and optics of clothing fasteners. They also allow to adjust the product to individual customer needs.